Wednesday, May 4, 2016

April showers bring May flowers

April was a busy month! I hope all this hard work pays off very soon. Now I would like to tell you about my trips in April and show you some (a lot of) photos.

10-15th of April Quentin, Alex Aliper, Nastya and I were in Paris visiting our local partners. Nastya also presented RYNKL and Beauty.AI at IN-COSMETICS Technology Panel. This exhibition brought together manufacturers, formulators, scientists, and marketing specialists from all over the world. It was nice to encounter our friends and partners there :) 

These business cards with a mirror are extremely useful, kudos to Youth Laboratories!

The next important event was in Saint Petersburg. I always go into raptures about this beautiful city, but this time the emotions were absolutely overwhelming. Biomedical Innovation for Healthy Longevity International Conference was literally the best way for me to spend several days in Saint Petersburg in April. 25-28th of April the world's most brilliant minds convened to discuss aging and longevity research. I would like to thank IVAO team for organizing this unique event with an impressive list of outstanding speakers. 

Alex Zhavoronkov knows how to get the audience's attention

Longevity Journalism Round Table

Ilia Stambler, Michael West, Edouard Debonneuil, Alex Zhavoronkov

Sibylle Jager gave a stunning talk on skin anti-aging compounds

Dear Lada Fomenko, thank you for this amazing conference!

Ksenia Lezhnina, Nastya Georgievskaya, Poly Mamoshina, and me

With Alexey Moskalev

Longevity Pride

Andrew Swick speaking at the Business Forum

Jérôme Feige, Sibylle Jager, Alexey Strygin, Andrew Voronkov

Alex Aliper, Michael West, Ksenia Lezhnina

My colleagues and friends are very talented people, I am happy to work with the best team of scientists and longevity enthusiasts. Join us on our mission to combat aging!

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